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Re: New JJ Abrams interview

Star Trek Fandom: Needlessly Taking Offense Since 1966.

You know, a lot of the folks who lay the failure of Enterprise and later Trek movies to issues of quality turn around and praise DS9 as the pinnacle of what Trek ought to be...which is fine except that they ignore the fact that the collapse of Trek's television ratings began with episode 2 of DS9 and continued on a chartable curve with DS9 and Voyager in virtual lockstep for audience loss - and all that happened in the case of Enterprise is that the decline continued on the same curve, flattening as it hit bottom.

The plain fact is that oldTrek was worn out as far as any appeal to viewers beyond the base is concerned. It couldn't be "tweaked" or freshened up enough to make it commercially viable again. Paramount was going to go one of two ways with it: a major change in direction and treatment, or burning off the value of the trademarks on the cheap. I'm certainly glad they decided to risk a lot of money on the former approach, and thrilled that they're succeeding.
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