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Re: Star Ship Polaris

Example "B" actually doesn't have panel lines as such but shading near the edges of the panels. I think it's the one, and the panels could probably stand to be even a little less contrast-y.

Ditto on avoiding panels that cross windows, etc, although one of these comes pretty close and I probably ought to eliminate that panel break altogether.

I may eliminate the specularity map that matches the panel break-up in favor of something more general. You look at real world large vehicles - aircraft carriers or even commercial aircraft - you don't see the kind of patchwork variations in color, glossiness and so on that I think were really popularized by Star Trek (tracking back to the paint finish on the ST:TMP model). Most such things are painted or otherwise surface treated for protective purposes and cleaned with some regularity. The obvious reason for doing it with models is to add scale, doubly so with CG models where the polygons themselves don't have render with the surface imperfections of plastic, metal or paint.

It also seems to be the rule that CG models rendered for orthos and other stills look over-painted relative to how they appear under the "lighting" conditions and blur introduced in video animation.
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