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Re: How many reset buttons?

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Wanting to sell to syndication doesn't mean you can't have tight ongoing stories.
Yeah, it kinda does.
Syndicated TV doesn't like to buy tight ongoing series because they're aware their audience doesn't tune in everyday for a rerun show. They also prefer to show eps. of series out of sequence for the same reason. It's one of the main reasons why when TNG went into reruns, they never showed the two-part eps. unless they did special marathons. The reason is, most syndicated rerun shows are shown during the ours people are coming home from work or school and are mostly to preoccupied either making dinner or other family obligations to watch a rerun show daily.

Think about it, if your watching DS9 in rerun for the first time and you miss two or more eps. because you can't be home to see it, there's a good chance you've missed vital parts of the story. If an audience misses too much to keep track, they'll stop watching. So now you've lost much of your viewers during that time slot. So syndication just blew money on a show that many folks aren't tuning in for. TPTB at Paramount know all this and know that a syndicated network is more willing to buy a show that doesn't have a tight ongoing story than one that does.

It all comes down too, how much can we get back out of the money we invested in it.
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