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Re: Season TWO OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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I just don't understand why people seem to get offended when people want to watch a show in a way they disagree with?
I'm not offended. Annoyed would be a better word. Besides they fact that people like BrEnDoN don't seem to respect the artisitic integrity of the original work, I'm actually more troubled that networks and home entertainment companies are listening more and more to people who say "to hell with the original aspect ratio, I just want my screen filled".

Borjis, illustrated my point brilliantly. BBC America is cutting up the image to satisfy viewers who are completely ignorant of aspect ratio's and other technical aspects of film and television making. And this is happening more and more, mostly on television but also on DVD and Blu Ray. I'm glad that most new television nowadays is shot in widescreen. That doesn't mean I want to see my old favorites mistreated in this way.
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