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Re: 2013 Transmission / Shooting Details

Right, the question at this point is which is the unusual one: the RTD team for being able to do it, or the Moffat team for not? By all accounts Moffat seems to be a less engaged/obsessive showrunner (fewer rewrites of others' episodes, etc); he does have Sherlock to deal with, which he can't back out of in the way RTD could back out of his commitments to the Who spin-offs, but he's got Gatiss to take some of the slack there (and possibly on Who as well). There's also the question whether the current economic climate makes it harder to get things done on time. I have my suspicions, but my views on other issues are probably coloring them.
The original plan of "less time between breaks" seems to be an afterthought now.
I doubt that was ever actually the plan, rather than a convenient way to make the split sound good when it was first announced.
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