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Re: Superman (casting, rumors, pix till release)

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Well, I didn't care for the trailer. Why does every movie have to be all serious and angsty? Can't we just have a movie that's fun for a change? Can't Superman just be a dude who is happy with his life and flies around saving people?
I tend to agree wtih this. Suprman Returns was so full of this. Even though it was intended to be the same timeline, the original film had plenty of drama, yet Superman wasn't so full of angst. Sure, he had some, but he never had so much doubt that it brought down the film. In fact, by having his human father suffer a heart attack giving him the most doubt - that was really poignant. And there were a few other moments (his real father's instruction not to alter history) but the film still had a willing superman who was prideful, eager, and filled with virtue. The angst was there, sure, but his willingness to help others, to not show his same in himself to others, had more precedent. This was why it was the greatest portrayal of Superman ever, and why Reeve will always be Superman. All the things we look to Superman for were in that movie.
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