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Re: New JJ Abrams interview

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Not sure how it's disrespectful.
I said BORDERLINE disrespectful, and that was mainly my irritation speaking. There's a difference between "not JUST for fans", and "not for fans". The fact that this movie is meant for general audiences doesn't bother me one bit. What bothers me is Abrams repeating the same shit over and over again, like it's some kind of a mantra, devised to rid the franchise of the whole "uncool" syfy basement-fanboy nerd stigma.

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Also, I've seen what fans want on this board and it's usually frighteningly bad.
No kiddin'.

What I find the most ridiculous is how many fans would rather watch another 25 seasons of Voyager, with the same old rehashed done-to-death shitty plots, than have it's precious Star Trek go a little mainstream.

This is why Trek 09 was successful when the TNG movies bombed. The TNG movies were too much of a niche market, only appealing to die hard TNG fans.
TNG movies bombed because they were basically just mediocre TV episodes, that accidentally made their way to the big screens. Written by people who lost their "mojo" years ago, directed by people who didn't care enough, produced on a budget ridiculously low for today's standards.

It's exactly why ENT crashed and burned as well.
Did you miss the part at the end, where he specifically states that he did put fanwanky winks and nods in the film? That's to show respect for the longtime fans. I think you take his statement wrong, considering he included this statement as well.
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