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Re: TNG: Silent Weapons by David Mack Review Thread (Spoilers!)

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Future hasn't been written but it is playable! In STO, the current time is 2409. And as of 2409, Captain Data retired following the destruction of the Enterprise-E and becomes professor in Cambridge.

But: STO is a parallel universe to TrekLit. There's destiny that forces the same people in distinct timelines to follow the same life.
We don't want the STO universe tied into the treklit continuity or canon continuity. STO is fun to play but it's stories are not compelling and do not present a future nearly as interesting as that created by the novel writers. And already, the 2 continuities have diverged too much to be brought together again.

However, I am for keeping Countdown with the novel continuity as it worked well as a ST09 prequel and was well written. The problem with the ST09 comic tie-ins, however, is according to them Vger was part of the Borg which just doesn't make sense.
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