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Re: Ships In "The Measure of a Man"

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Exactly, and ignoring them sounds like a consistent thing to do from now on.
But the question is, what's more official? A chart made with what seems to be just preliminary information that would change later, and was not meant to be seen up close, or an official publication like the Encyclopedia, made by the same guy who made the chart, with information that he clearly wanted to have supercede this chart?

I'm ill at ease with these things. It's okay to have a USS Constellation after the retirement of the Constellation class ("The Abandoned" would appear to qualify), but rather confusing to have her before this "overlap" is eliminated.
I can understand that logic. However, that would then mean that these are the class ships of the Apollo and Hokule'a class, which have much higher registries than the respective ships of their class.

The competing Yorktown is from an alternate timeline, too. Plus its registry and class identity are completely noncanon.
While I know the canonicity of the Encyclopedia, I was using it as a reference point for all this, since the same guy who made this chart made that book

Now with that said, I'm going under the assumption that this is the same ship as the one Riker mentions in "Frame of Mind," since the registry seems to indicate a ship built at least before the Enterprise-D, so it would in fact exist in this timeline. But that's just my supposition.

The higher-registry ship was mentioned in a display that Data judged to contain suspicious things...
Again, while it's futile to seriously debate the merits of displays that had listings like the Elmer Fudd and the Non Sequitor, I'd find it hard to believe that a change in a ship's registry number would constitute what Data thought of as "suspicious."

And the only problem with this excellent interpretation is that it somewhat undermines a similar thing done with the Lexington.
Are you referring to that mentioned-but-not-seen Excelsior class Lexington from TNG? Obviously that was just a goof made before it was known that the Nebula class ship would have been operating at the same time.

I'd hate go give up the idea of chronological registry number allocation for something this minor.
The problem with that is that Sisko's Saratoga has it's number on the hull. We therefore can't reconcile it being the same ship.

Then again, the registry of the DS9 vessel is completely noncanon, too. The model apparently wasn't relabeled, and we never got a related Okudagram.
True, but wouldn't 30405 be a bit low for a Nebula?

The registry of the "Redemption" ship remains somewhat noncanonical until the Okudagram from the episode gets blu-rayed.
Wasn't the registry of the Excalibur printed on its saucer? And either way, we don't need blu-ray caps of the tachyon grid; I can see it just fine, and the Excalibur's registry is 26517.
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