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Re: TTN: Fallen Gods by Michael A. Martin Review Thread (Spoilers!)

Well I finished Brinkmanship and jumped right into this book.

I had posted around these parts after reading Brinkmanship how while Ive been enjoying the books and found the Typhon Pact storyline intruiging, having it be a huge part of the story of every Trek novel was becoming slightly tedious.

So I went into this book a little excited. After all, this is Titan. Riker and his crew are getting back to Trek roots and exploring space.

Then I quickly realized that even here, Typhon Pact was casting shadows.

The Andorian situation and Riker's stance to defy orders felt a little unecessary for me. Honestly, after reading Seize the Fire I went into this book excited to see where the story went with Tuvok.

On that aspect I was not disappointed. I was really enjoying Fallen Gods, starting with a new race and running with what they are dealing with, I thought tying their solution in with the Tuvok ecosculpting knowledge was really cool and a great way to tie in Titan and its crew.

Unfortunately (and ironically) I was sighing when it came to reading the scenes with the main characters of the book. I understand the Andorians leaving is a big deal. I understand its had a huge impact on the Federation. I understand this because its being covered in books about characters that arent supposed to be off on a deep space mission exploring. Then, the Andorians show up! Whats more, they brought the Tholians with them!

I literally finished the last 100 pages of this book to be done with it. Even the parts I was initially enjoying on the planet and the Tuvok/White Blue arc were basically just keeping me from abandoning the book all together.

I feel like the Andorians/Tholians hammering down the whole Twinning Transporter Tech (say that five times fast) cheapens the TNG episode with Tom Riker a little bit. It was supposed to be a fluke, not a plot device to be adapted into future Trek. Even going back further the episode where Spock tinkers with the same idea, fantastical ideas like this should be used in small doses.

So now we're left with an open ended plotline that will be presumably picked up in the next Titan novel and at best to me is plainly annoying. A distraction from what Titan is supposed to be.

I would prefer Michael Martin write another Titan novel to wrap all this up and have the next Titan novel resume going out and seeing whats out there.

I dont exactly feel like others that Martin cant write the characters, I think he does a fine job, I actually really like his Tuvok. I just find that I dont like some of the characters.

To be honest, I wish Vale wasnt in this series. I also am getting a little tired of Ranul. This is one of the rare cases where a Star Trek series presents a group of regular characters that have in some ways become boring when set against the diversity and interested crew being seen around them.

I liked this book for about half the time I was reading it and not as simple as the first half or the second.
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