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Re: JJ Abrams and Secrecy... anyone else tired of it?

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But I do wish they wouldn't blatantly lie to misdirect - like saying Alice Eve is "new to canon" then it turns out she's Carol Marcus. Bleh.
When Alice Eve was originally cast, it was stated she was playing a character "new to canon." Read here.

Star Trek sequel producer/director JJ Abrams has chosen actress Alice Eve for an unnamed role in the film. The report states that the role is "believed to be new to the canon."
"believed to be new to canon" by whom? There is no unequivocal statement to that effect, just a supposition on the part of the person who wrote up that piece.

The secrecy is bad enough. Take a look at other movies over the past year, none of them are anywhere near as secret. This time last year, Ridley Scott himself was revealing key plot points and character backstories about Prometheus, which didn't hurt the movie at all.
Actually, I studiously avoided any of those spoilers as I did NOT want to know anything about it. Sadly, I was not able to catch it at the cinema (only just saw it yesterday), so it took some effort to avoid spoilers. Quite happy I put in the effort, though.

However, this kind of dicking around is uncalled for. Okay, Cumberbatch's identity is all good fun, and we're going to look back on that and laugh. However, in this case "this character is new to canon." A few months later: "she is canon." And finally "She's Carol Marcus." What the hell does "new to canon" then? Either they are being fuckwitted assholes or complete idiots. And at this point, I'll gladly apply any term to Abrams and his cohorts.
Again, try not to overreact to suppositions made by others rather than actual statements made by the filmmakers. It's better for your blood pressure.
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