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Re: 2013 Transmission / Shooting Details

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The contrast between that way the BBC/RTD handled the Tennant Gap Year and the way the BBC/Moffat have handled the never-ending Series 7 has been stark.
Hell, we had an eight month gap between the Christmas 2011 special and Asylum of the Daleks which is the longest gap between episodes we've had since Doctor Who's return in 2005. Mind you, not by much, the previous record was seven months between Planet of the Dead and The Waters of Mars.

Still, in 2009 we knew what to expect. IMO, they should have spaced the specials out more evenly over the year, but I suppose there's nothing to complain about. And besides, during those seven months we had Torchwood and SJA (which featured a Doctor cameo) to keep the Whoniverse alive.

When first announcing that seasons would be split, the reason given was because this would decrease the gaps between seasons. Instead it has increased it, and we don't even have spin-offs to keep us entertained. Although we shouldn't blame BBC or Moffat over that. Torchwood wasn't exactly a hit with Miracle Day, and SJA can't continue anymore.
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