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Re: The Star Trek Into Darkness teaser trailer is here!

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I'll never get how some fans can accept a new Kirk and Spock but balk at the Enterprise herself being recast, so to speak. It's the same future through different eyes.
I'm not balking at anything. I might have made some different stylistic choices here and there but I'm basically fine with the "recasting" of the ship.

However, the entire plot of the last Trek film was built around the idea of rebooting the franchise while providing an in-universe rationalization for the reboot. I'm only doing the same thing, speculating that one explanation for all the other changes is that the timeline actually diverged from the Prime timeline a lot earlier than Nero. As I said, it's just a pet theory for my own amusement, but I think it's foolish for people to run around and declare absolutely that everything was exactly the same until Nero came along when that could go out the window with a single line of dialogue in the next movie. Not saying it will, but it could.
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