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Re: Questions about Star Trek VHS Prints

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For those of you who followed Star Trek (TOS) on TV and syndication during the mid-1980s, how long ago did they use the 1984 remastered prints that ended with this Paramount TV logo after Desilu?

I'm also asking you this: is it true that the print of the episode "The Trouble with Tribbles," as is represented in the Tribble Gift Set (released in 1998, the cover art has Tribbles on it), was still the 1984-era print (see logo above) or if it was of the 1996-era print? If it's the latter, it would use this Paramount logo at the end instead:

Thank you
Yes, Tribbles on VHS was still the 1984-era-print (actually I think those transfers were done in 1983 to 1" Type C video on a Rank Mk III telecine). However, the Paramount logo was edited and replaced with a later Paramount logo. The next remastered versions (completed on the Spirit telecine to DigiBeta videotape) were done by the Sci-Fi Channel for the Special Edition airings, starting in 1998. They were released only on the 2 episode DVDs and the later box sets of all three seasons. When Trek aired on Sci Fi, all syndication elsewhere was suspended. Later these same remastered copies did air on TV Land although they were edited slightly and missing a few minutes. Sometime in the 90's, before the Sci Fi remastering, the logos were updated on the syndicated versions, but the transfers remained the 84-era-prints.

The "Next Episode preview trailers" have never been transfered since the 80's era... the Sci Fi channel did not remaster those nor did CBS remaster in HD.
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