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Re: Season TWO OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

So TNG S2 has just beamed in to OZ.
Cheaper than Amazon too -half the price- which is amazing! Plus we got mini versions of the 25th Anniversary Next Gen posters as a bonus!

But what`s with the style of the quotation marks on the episode titles changing *again*?
The style of the quotation marks changed from the long straight versions on the
sampler disc, to the 'curly quotes' on season one. Now we are back to long
straight quote marks. (but perhaps shorter than the sampler disc...need to check
that tho) Was this HTV-i`s decision?

Can we expect to go back to the Season 1 style, when we get the CBS-remastered
Season 3?
Can we expect to get consistency in the ep titles at some stage maybe?

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