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Re: JJ Abrams and Secrecy... anyone else tired of it?

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But, I'm one who reads the last page of a book first.
Do you skip to the end of a movie before watching the whole thing for the first time? Do you record sports matches and check the final result before watching?
Well, I don't have any movies in my personal collection that I haven't seen before, so I don't need to skip to the end. But, I suppose that in effect I do the same for movies. For first time viewing, I usually dig up spoilers or wait until the film is out and then read the plot synopsis on Wikipedia before seeing it.

Let me point out, though, that when I read the last page of a book first, the scene and/or dialogue have no context. At most, I learn that a character or two will still be alive at the end of the story. It doesn't tell me how the plot unfolded, or what the characters went through to arrive at the end. It's not quite the same as spoiling myself for movies and television shows.

I WANT the experience of the twists and surprises at first viewing. The creators went to some considerable effort to construct such moments as an integral part of the story. They deserve a chance to see if their efforts were effective. After that, if the whole thing was enjoyable, I will revisit it and appreciate additional aspects of it.
I just figure that a good story will be good no matter how much you know about it going in. You enjoy the plot twists, but I find them distracting. When I know they're coming, I don't get distracted by them. By "distracted", I mean that I'm only half paying attention to the story as it is unfolding and the other half of me is trying to predict what the next plot twist will be. If I know the whole story, then I can enjoy each moment of it. If I don't, I just find myself trying to anticipate each moment.

You want the spoilers, that's fine. But don't be (this is a general point, not about you in particular) the one who revels in spoiling such twists for others (I knew someone like that back in grad school--extremely irritating).
I understand. What I don't understand, and would like to, is why some people treat advertising and promotional material for the film like spoiler material. Honestly, it's as if they see knowledge of the existence of the film as the ultimate spoiler, to be avoided at all costs.
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