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Re: Rush to be Inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

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So what - no-one takes the HoF seriously do they ?
I for one don't. But read the R/S article, and you can see that Geddy is glad for the fans because so many of THEM found it to be a big deal. I like his overall approach in the interview. He's laid back about it and very even-keeled in his replies. Good lessons for anyone in a similar situation.

Of course... funny how they didn't get in until voting was opened up to fans and readers. It'd have been nice if the alleged "cognoscenti" that controlled voting before had inducted them. Still, I'm glad that they are in. As are Heart. But it's a crying shame Deep Purple didn't make it.

Love this line:
Q: "Axl Rose stayed home last year, and the Sex Pistols refused to come, too."
Geddy: "We're nice Canadian boys. We wouldn't do that. "
"The greatest tales are always over far too soon, for those who appreciate them." -
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