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Re: 3 engine rooms in the TOS Enterprise's engineering hull?

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If that were so, then why were they disrupting the "automatic helm and navigation control"?
Because that's the system that M-5 uses to steer the ship, so that's the system they have to disrupt. And never mind that most of what the system does is irrelevant to the events. That's true of most systems and most events.
And that system has navigation elements in it. It is relevant since we'd expect to see navigation elements on that display. It is only irrelevant if you are expending far more effort to prove that the display is what Chekov is looking at for the circuit information and not the buttons

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If it was as simple as cutting power to one nacelle to skid steer the ship we would have plenty of examples - but we don't.
Uh, where?
Indeed. Where? There are no examples of steering the ship with adjusting the power of one warp engine to cause a turn, as you allude to. Your argument that the warp engines are needed to warp steer (and thus be prominent in the helm control and navigation diagram) doesn't work.

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In "Ultimate Computer", our heroes would be interested in warp steering, and for that a diagram featuring the relationship between the helm and the warp steering machinery is a natural element.
And since warp "steering" appears to have nothing to do with the warp engines (other than to maintain warp) then it gets harder to argue that the warp engines are necessary in the diagram other than just a block that says "warp throttle setting".

For grins, here are some actual autopilot and control diagrams for comparison.

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It would be foolhardy to argue that every time that diagram shows up the ship's automatic helm and navigational controls have been re-routed and the normal circuits are dead
Now that would depend on whether the pixels indicating leads GEDE225 through 247 are amber or red, wouldn't it? In the former case, we're just seeing the standard helm circuits at standard mode, rather than dead as in this adventure.
Since they re-use that display it is unlikely to have any "helm and navigational control circuit" status since it would show the dead state.

It is rather fortunate that Chekov looked down at the buttons and never looked back at that display before confirming with Spock which removes the diagram from play as containing control circuit information.

In this case, it require more inventing for us to put control circuits into that diagram and then more inventing to why Chekov doesn't look back up at it again after checking some buttons to confirm that the circuits are dead.
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