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Re: Ships In "The Measure of a Man"

It's okay to have a USS Constellation after the retirement of the Constellation class ("The Abandoned" would appear to qualify), but rather confusing to have her before this "overlap" is eliminated.
But we have precedence. The USS Nova NCC-73515 from "Star Trek: Nemesis".

Then again, the registry of the DS9 vessel is completely noncanon, too. The model apparently wasn't relabeled, and we never got a related Okudagram.
The 71805-registry appeared on the tachyon grid okudagram.

The registry of the "Redemption" ship remains somewhat noncanonical until the Okudagram from the episode gets blu-rayed.
That okudagram was reproduced in the Encyclopedia.

And the Lexington's 61832-registry didn't appear onscreen AFAIK, so a higher registry could be possible.
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