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Re: New sci fi theme on goanimate looks like Trek

The new theme was released yesterday. I had a quick play with it to test all the features.

In my opinion it isn't quite ready yet. The characters do look really good compared to any other Goanimate themes. But at the moment there aren't enough actions to really make the characters come alive in a professional looking animation. However they are going to be releasing new actions packs in the future.

I was expecting to be able to create my character form scratch but at the moment there is only a selection of pre-made rather campy superhero villainy type humans and cyborgs. The captain does look good as a TOS character. Obviously there's a thin line between copyright and similar look.

It does look like it has great potential for telling Trek stroies. I even prefer the look of these characters to the TAS ones. Assuming we will have the ability to create our own characters in the future
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