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Re: Ships In "The Measure of a Man"

Exactly, and ignoring them sounds like a consistent thing to do from now on.

The original class ship could have been decommissioned or destroyed, and this ship could simply be a newer vessel with the same name, and not even of the Apollo class.
I'm ill at ease with these things. It's okay to have a USS Constellation after the retirement of the Constellation class ("The Abandoned" would appear to qualify), but rather confusing to have her before this "overlap" is eliminated.


5. U.S.S. Yorktown NCC-20045 - Because the only other 24th century Yorktown is the Zodiac class NCC-61137, it's entirely possible that this Yorktown was decommissioned before the other one was built, although the latter's registry should probably be a bit higher, but it's still within reason.
The competing Yorktown is from an alternate timeline, too. Plus its registry and class identity are completely noncanon.

6. U.S.S. Lexington NCC-30405 - The DS9 episode "Explorers" makes it clear that the Nebula class Lexington NCC-61832 was in operation at least after 2369. So it's possible that this Lexington was decommissioned or destroyed sometime between 2365 and 2369, and the Nebula class ship was its replacement. The newer ship's reg should probably be a bit higher, but it's still within reason.
Agreed here. But see the Endeavour.

7. U.S.S. Atlantis NCC-3210 - This is a bit of an anomaly, as both references (this one and the Atlantis NCC-72007) are from displays that were not meant to be taken seriously. So it's debatable whether the ship even exists
The higher-registry ship was mentioned in a display that Data judged to contain suspicious things...

4. U.S.S. Saratoga NCC-31640 - Again, this ship could have been destroyed before "Emissary" where we see the NCC-31911 Saratoga, but not only should Sisko's ship's reg be higher if it were brand new, but would Starfleet still be producing Miranda class ships after 2365?
I'd hate go give up the idea of chronological registry number allocation for something this minor.

5. U.S.S. Endeavour NCC-25330 - This is the least problematic ship, if we ignore the NCC-39272 from the "Conspiracy" diagram. It's quite possible that this ship was decommissioned and the Nebula class Endeavor NCC-71805 was commissioned around the same time.
And the only problem with this excellent interpretation is that it somewhat undermines a similar thing done with the Lexington.

Then again, the registry of the DS9 vessel is completely noncanon, too. The model apparently wasn't relabeled, and we never got a related Okudagram.

6. U.S.S. Excalibur NCC-21534 - Again, this Excalibur could have been destroyed in the few years between "Measure of a Man" and the first time we see the Ambassador class ship in "Redemption," but then why would the newer ship have such a low registry, if regs are chronological?
The registry of the "Redemption" ship remains somewhat noncanonical until the Okudagram from the episode gets blu-rayed.

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