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Re: Star Wars: The Old Republic anticipation thread.

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Had to take a break from my Sith Assassin this week as I got to Alderaan and nearly died of boredom. Now I'm glad the Empire will blow it up.

Seriously now, is the next planet more interesting? I ask because so far Alderaan really has been dull and frustrating. Is it like this for all the classes or just the Sith Sorcerer? Ironically, I quite enjoyed playing through Taris with my Republic Commando. Ironic because I *hated* Taris in KoTOR. It was very weird to find the ruins of the old swoop track and feel nostalgic. Bit peeved at how that whole "promise land" story turned out though.
Hands down the most boring place was Peragus in Kotor 2.

I hate that bloody miner uniform.
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