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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

^^ Yeah, I caught that George Bush homage.

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^^ Right. The idea that saving somebody from suicide is creepy is just wrong.

I'm drawing a blank on Jacqui and the Wiki page doesn't help much, so I'd have to rewatch to remind myself. But, again, whatever he did or didn't do for Jacqui doesn't make what he did do for Andrea creepy.
well they were all standing in the same room that is counting down to an explosion, the Dr. and Jacqui say they are going to stay and die. Andrea says she is staying too. Dale tells Andrea if she is staying he is too. Andrea leaves so Dale will leave.

Dr. and Jacqui blow up.
So he didn't try to save the doctor, either. With only a few seconds to act, he focused on his friend. That's pretty much what anyone would do. Anybody but Lori, anyway.
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