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Re: 3 engine rooms in the TOS Enterprise's engineering hull?

If that were so, then why were they disrupting the "automatic helm and navigation control"?
Because that's the system that M-5 uses to steer the ship, so that's the system they have to disrupt. And never mind that most of what the system does is irrelevant to the events. That's true of most systems and most events.

If it was as simple as cutting power to one nacelle to skid steer the ship we would have plenty of examples - but we don't.
Uh, where? "Ultimate Computer" is unique in having a situation where equipment problems prevent the turning of the ship. If a divine entity is in control of the ship's path, it is not something you can defeat by rerouting circuit 87H. But if a malevolent computer does, going back to the basics and cutting individual circuits to regain direct manual control is indeed the logical way to go.

it would appear that they are treated as two separate systems which undercuts your argument that helm and navigational control circuits would be present on that diagram.
Chekov needs a diagram with the two put together, in order to thwart M-5. Why would the ship refuse to give him such a diagram on this special occasion? (Apart, of course, from M-5 perhaps fighting back by messing with Chekov's displays.)

Any two systems aboard the ship are unrelated as such, but a plot may tie them together - say, transporters and power, or sensors and internal security.

Not that it would be particularly rare for steering and power to be tied together by events. Indeed, one would expect this to happen about 90% of the time, the remaining 10% representing rare malfunctions. And it's 10% rather than 0.1% only because malfunctions and other calamities are made more common than one would realistically expect, by the presence of the cameras...

But hey wait a minute, helm control is controlling the ship with the warp engines and impulse engines off? That does not sound like they are tied directly to the warp engines.
Helm is controlling lots of things, including the main weapons. At times, it will control the teeny weeny steering thrusters; what is of interest here is whether it will control more significant elements of steering at other times. And in order to make Chekov's display consistent, I just postulate that it will.

Really, we know that the ship can warp with impulse engines down and vice versa. We also get lots of references to thruster steering from the movies onwards. No doubt the ship has a number of different steering systems, and thruster steering appears to be very rarely used in any flight mode other than crawling (and never in TOS!). In "Ultimate Computer", our heroes would be interested in warp steering, and for that a diagram featuring the relationship between the helm and the warp steering machinery is a natural element.

It would be foolhardy to argue that every time that diagram shows up the ship's automatic helm and navigational controls have been re-routed and the normal circuits are dead
Now that would depend on whether the pixels indicating leads GEDE225 through 247 are amber or red, wouldn't it? In the former case, we're just seeing the standard helm circuits at standard mode, rather than dead as in this adventure.

It would be fun to invent a function for each of the curiously static displays on the bridge, one compatible with both general and plot-specific roles. But this one doesn't really call for much inventing.

indicating that the diagram had nothing directly to do with the helm and navigational control circuit
Only if the diagram had nothing to do with the buttons. But supposedly the buttons are every bit as interactive and informative as the diagrams...

Really, trying to separate the display from the buttons is way more effort than simply establishing that the display is related to what Chekov is doing. Or does he idly watch the same sort of porn as Scotty does while working?

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