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Re: Superman (casting, rumors, pix till release)

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There was some good stuff in the trailer and I'm trying to keep an open mind. However, that Pa Kent scene really, really, rubbed me the wrong way. Pa Ken's role has always been to teach Clark what it means to be human and that "son, you were put here for a purpose." Having him be the one who wants Clark to hide, to the point of "maybe" letting people die, seemed contrary to the whole point of the character.
Sigh. Why do people interpret Pa Kent's "Maybe" as a YES? It is neither a YES nor a NO.

Note that we do not seem him finish the sentence.

Besides, does such a conversation really conflict that much with previous iterations of Pa Kent & teenage Superman? Did previous iterations of Pa Kent really insist that he as a 10-12 yr old should use his powers and save everyone he can? Certainly not in any of the films.

Anyway, putting that kind of doubt in to the character, however, is part of what made this trailer stick out for me in a positive way. It's a newer, more complex take on the situation of what to do with his powers at that age, which I find refreshing. The whole trailer gives off that vibe, and I really like it.

Do you miss the Donner Superman and Pa Kent? Well, fret not - those films will still be there. This new movie (and hopefully sequels) will be for the people looking for something different, a new take.
Agreed. Jonathan's "maybe" had a hint of doubt to my ears, like he was conflicted. And like you said, we don't know if that's his whole response or if the rest of it was cut out for the purposes of the trailer.

Personally I like the idea of Jonathan not having all of the answers. I'd rather have Clark discover his purpose on his own, using lessons (both good and bad) from both Jonathan Kent and Jor-El to do so.
It does have a serious feel to it (the trailer) along the lines of Nolan's Batman though, perhaps, not going for such grimness. Certainly, it is quite apart from the kitsch sentimentality of Donner's Superman. I liked that Rockwell version of Superman, though. The Nolan seriousness just doesn't entertain me. However, I shouldn't be surprised to see this do much better than the last film.
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