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Re: Will there be an explaination for how enterprise can go underwater

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Hi I have a quick question. I am really exited for star trek into darkness but one thing that bothers me is how ther enterprise can go underwater. I would be okay with it if they give a good explanation. So I was just wondering if anyone thinks that they will give an explanation in the new move. I dont even care if its some new type of sheild technology I just hope they explain it.
They never explained how a village-sized Federation ship could go underwater in Star Trek: Insurrection, and Rick Berman's Trek *loved* their technobabble. If the Insurrection holo-ship could do it, the Enterprise-E could have done it too, and if the Enterprise-E could, then Kirk's could too!

Also this, from a review of the 9-minute preview:
We also get enough humor (particularly from Simon Pegg) that manages to make light of exactly the kind of fan over-analysis that the film is sure to generate (i.e. Can the Enterprise even operate underwater?)
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