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Re: The Star Trek Into Darkness teaser trailer is here!

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Except a lot of basic technology apparently took a giant leap backward in the Prime timeline subsequent to 2233 if everything was the same up until then. I don't just mean it didn't advance as quickly, it went backwards, i.e. graphical computer interfaces and touch-screen displays. Yes, of course this is merely the cinematic expression of a half-century difference between the making of TOS and the current movies, but if you want an in-universe way of explaining it, an earlier point of divergence might do it.

Plus I just think it would be cool if the NuTrek timeline was actually our own future, since the Prime timeline no longer can be.
I'll never get how some fans can accept a new Kirk and Spock but balk at the Enterprise herself being recast, so to speak. It's the same future through different eyes.

And we already got one unbelievable techonological hike explained away in-universe as a "refit" in 1979. This time the writers wave their hands and say "scans of Nero's ship"
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