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Re: The Star Trek Into Darkness teaser trailer is here!

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I think it's utter absurd for a number reasons but I digress.
They copied Star Trek: Insurrection. Did anyone care then? Or is hiding a village-sized holoship from the natives underwater somehow okay, but doing the same with the Enterprise not?
Considering there's a pretty big size difference between the two... Which is my problem, the Enterprise is huge, even the TOS Kirk Enterprise/Movie Enterprise. IIRC schematic put the Abrams Enterprise as bigger than the -D. Which is, scientifically speaking, 'Utterly Mother Fucking Huge!"

Nor is it the most aerodynamic shape, but the Enterprise should barely be able to not fall apart under its own weight in an atmosphere, let alone be underwater.
The holoship was the size of the entire Ba'ku village! And it was the shape of a brick!

The Enterprise is not some tin can in space. It goes faster than the speed of light, it flies through gas giants, space amoebas, nebulas. It falls into black holes, wormholes, black stars, gets hit by antimatter warheads almost routinely. And you think some H2O is beyond it's abilities?
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