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Re: Episode of the Week: Heart of Glory

In another moment of psuedo-tension, the Klingons ask Worf to betray the Enterprise and join them as Worf looks back and forth, the music rises, and we cut to commercial.
Just two seasons later, the audience would be having a serious debate during the fridge raid - the character of Worf would already have been revealed as being perfectly capable of betraying the Enterprise. Why not in this episode already? We don't really know he has a heart of gold, even if it takes "The Enemy" to finally prove that he does not, or "Where Silence Has Lease" to establish him as a fricking psycho.

The Klingons narrate the story of how they defeated the Ferengi with phrases like, “We had only one chance,” as if somebody thinks it makes the story dramatic or interesting. The Klingons beam with pride as if they’re describing something clever and original, but it’s a perfectly ordinary tale of false surrender, devoid of any novelty. The tactic is as old as warfare, it’s obvious and known to most adults. We don’t see it a lot because it’s prohibited by the Geneva Convention.
And that's classic Klingon, too. They are all about childish pintside stories of glory in DS9, so what we have here is... (waaait for it, and insert dramatic music to accompany the ellipsis...) Fooooreshadowingh!

The director (Rob Bowman) evidently thought it was interesting enough to be worth that much of our time.
Well, in James Bond, it always is, even though the Brits do it so much more clumsily.

Timo Saloniemi
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