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Re: They teach Latin at Starfleet Academy?

To get at true meaning, you need to go back to primary sources and original language.
Only if the translation is imperfect. But the Universal Translator gets puns and nuances across all right - and even translates an alien term for a cave-dwelling slave race as "troglyte", inserting suggestive Greek roots where there originally were none, to demonstrate that it is way smarter than its users!

The UT makes language a completely outdated concept. Not just the learning of languages, but their very existence. It is the new thing that replaces language.

Or at least it should damn well suffice for one. No hero ought to require even a native language in order to be perfectly understood and to perfectly understand everybody else, across lightyears and millennia and cultural and biological borders if need be. Every time this does not happen is an inconsistency in Star Trek, really.

...Perhaps the UT only replaced language in the 24th century?

Timo Saloniemi
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