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Re: VOY Caption This 93; Neutered...

...Official music of the ship: Enya.
Official buffet is Tuesday's Fiesta Buffet.
Official nickname for Ensign Harry: Ensign Harry.
Official officer's latrine is off limits to all but Mister Tuvok and myself. The rest of you can go in Ensign Harry's quarters.
No farm jokes. No accent jokes. No innuendos involving where aliens put their genitals. No assless chaps. No rocks or rock-like artifacts resembling said genitals.
Founder's day, I'll take one replicator ration or coupon for therapeutic service. Tuvok -
<She turns; Tuvok nods>
- Tuvok will have a collectible spoon from each planet we stopped at that year. That is all.

Damn, I forgot to mention the bit about roster duties.

Neelix, are these...?
Toenails? You're welcome.
<Tom continues eating>

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