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Re: Any old timers still around?

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well, I left 10 years ago.
After 2 years I re-registered and made 2 posts when a friend had died. After that I didn't use the account anymore and it got pruned.
The following 8 years I didn't even lurk here and only returned earlier this year when friends urged me to re-register. Frankly, had it not been for my friends, I'd have stayed away.

It's a lot of fun to re-start from Ensign again, though I made quite a few new friends here in the Redshirts' and Captains' Lounges, in addition to the ones I had made here a decade ago. I think when I'll reach Admiral, I'll ask Bonzie to demote me so that I can start all over again. It's just cool to get to know new people and the Lounges are a much better place for that than Misc or any other part of the board. One isn't required to stick to the topic but can chat as much as one likes. Whoever came up first with that thought, the lounges were a really good idea .
Yeah I was wondering that about you. You seem like a new poster yet you are familiar with all the board history and I got a little confused. Thanks for clearing that up.

Rob Hal,

Long time no chat. Hope life is treating you well.

Now that the first TNG moderator has returned, I was reminded of someone else and was wondering if anyone kept tabs on him through the years. Anyone remember Reza? I think that was his name, but he was the guy who was the leader of all things DS9, at least according to Trek Tonight. Actually there are a ton of DS9 forum regulars that have left, but he was the first to come to mind.
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