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Re: JJ Abrams and Secrecy... anyone else tired of it?

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If you want me to buy a ticket, give some information to go off of. You're right, JJ doesn't owe us shit, but if the secrecy is over something ridiculous.....
If you want to know all about the movie before your see it to decide if you WANT to see it, I would suggest the novel idea of waiting until the movie has been out for a few weeks, listen to the reviews and then decide. The movie will still be 'fresh' even a week or two later.

The strategy J.J.'s team has is working excellent for them. Look at all the discussion that is going on about possibilities. I, too, wonder about the folks that want to know all about a movie before it premieres. Someone did spoil me about Vader's reveal to Luke AND the 'surprise' scene in "The Crying Game", which would have been a more fun surprise as experienced while in the moment in the theater.

It really would be pretty easy to avoid so many spoilers (& potential spoilers) by just staying out of this forum, but I confess that I enjoy the ongoing serious discussions, humorous theories, and even a controlled amount of griping about Trek here as much as I do actually watching the Trek movies, so I am in here again, pulling at the wrapping paper just a bit....
I never said I want to know everything about the movie, I just don't want to be dicked around over villains or characters, it's ridiculous and gives nothing away. Abrahms dicked us around over a no name character, for what, his own enjoyment. These people get a kick out of fucking with us, they don't give a shit about the fanbase.
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