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Re: Someone to Watch Over Me

There's a point where you have to say "I can no longer date people 2 decades my senior. Seven wasn't there yet as she was only hovering towards 30, but she had some daddy issues to work out before she found some reprobate who was age appropriate."

The Doctor while freejacking wee Anika tried to propell her into a Lesbian tryst with the amazing Megan Gallagher.

I suppose that she might be able to forgive the Doctor for trying to make her have sex with a woman... No? But he didn't follow through. Only because Megan's character wasn't into girls, he was clitblocked, but if it's the thought/intention that counts, then he's an asshole with no respect for other people... I was going to say that forcing her to eat multiple ice cream sundaes was a more vile offense than using the Borgette as an unwilling sex muppet, because he followed that violation though to it's conclusive finality... Potato, potato.

Why on earth would she want to even hang out with a quasirapist that did that to her?

It's like that time that guy borrowed your car for a few days and it came back full of junk food wrappers and cigarette ash.
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