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Re: And Cumberbatch's Character Is? [spoilers]

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…It's obvious that Roberto Orci, way back when he gave the interview in which he said/hinted that Cumberbatch's character was from established TOS lore, did a classic switcheroo by telling us that Alice Eve's character was new to canon and Cumberbatch's character was taken from TOS lore when the opposite is actually true.
Now that’s a stretch. Remember that Orci later commented that he misspoke with regards to one of those characters. Clearly Cumberbatch is Harrison the extra from TOS; Orci misspoke about Alice Eve cum Carol Marcus being a new character.

Vektor wrote: View Post
…If my other theory is correct, that Cumbebatch is not playing the ultimate villain in this movie, then all bets are off.
The “ultimate villain?”
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