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Re: New Info! (Bad Robot press event/villain ID'd, etc.) *SPOILERS*

It's been a heck of a lot of fun hunting for clues and tidbits of information as to who Cumberbatch was going to play. When I read for the first time it was John Harrison I had a complete moment of WTF. Like a lot of other fans I was convinced that it was someone from TOS that was very well known to us. I didn't even know who John Harrison was until another member of the forum pointed me to a wiki article. I can't believe that a dude who walked around in the background in a few scenes and maybe tapped a few buttons would be wonderful fodder for the big bad villain. Maybe the name's the same but the two characters have no relation to one another. Hell, I dunno. Well, I guess now we'll just shift gears and wonder why John Harrison, occasional button pusher, is now a one man army and why he's so ticked off at the Federation. Im certainly all eyes and ears.
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