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Re: New Info! (Bad Robot press event/villain ID'd, etc.) *SPOILERS*

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^ He didn't mix them up; he knowingly and deliberately pulled a switcheroo on us, and later admitted that one of the things he'd said vis a vis characters was a lie. Until yesterday, we didn't know which statement he lied about, but now we do. He was lying when he said that Cumberbatch's character was from TOS lore. That statement is true of Alice Eve's character - Carol Marcus - instead.
Hmmm...I See it differently?

Wasn't it TOS Canon (Season 1?)?

Harrison is TOS Canon S1 (and S2), he just was a No name extra 99.9% of the time (And got shoved from Department to Department, LOL).

Carol Marcus is not TOS Canon, she's TOS Movie Canon
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