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Re: Nanotechnology... $2 trillion business by 2014

RAMA wrote: View Post
It's an investment page for a very real growing industry
No it isn't, RAMA. It's not even a real investment page. It's an elaborate advertisement for a specific company that doesn't actually do anything.

and yes of course it's hyping the industry, all the major players, the large companies they point out
Company. Singular. The entire web page is devoted to hyping CTLE by alluding to a purported boom in the nanotech industry as if CTLE will have anything whatsoever to do with that industry (so far it hasn't, and nothing on this page or on their own website gives any reason to believe they WILL).

However, this isnt the first page I've linked to describing the revenues of the industry, or the expansion of it.
Good, because this page does NEITHER of those things and is, in fact, an advertisement.
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