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Re: NBA 2012-13 Discussion

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I don't really see the point fighting. My only point was that these were odd circumstances and, given the small sample size, doesn't say much besides a good franchise has had good players in the past.
And my point is, this has not been an accident or primarily facilitated by luck. BTW, it's not a fight, it's a disagreement.
Although two quibbles:
Chamberlain demanded a trade from the Warriors to the Sixers, so he did have the power to push for a trade.
Would you consider Michael Jordan a Washington Wizard?
Chamberlain or any other player could have demanded whatever they wanted back then, but it had no clout other than the player's threat to retire. Free agency didn't exist. The Warriors consented to the trade probably for a lot of reasons, but fear of losing Chamberlain for nothing wasn't one of them.

Though popularly known as a Bull, Jordan was also a Wizard.
Anyway, in other news: Skip Bayless is reporting that Andrew Bynum's knees are beyond repair and that the Sixers were "had" in the trade.

It's not Bynum's fault, I know he wants to play. This is certainly disappointing. I do hope it was unforseeable before the trade. I'm not exactly sure what we would have done since Iguodala needed to be traded, but it would obviously have been different.

It puts the Sixers in an odd position. The team is basically built around him because they need an inside threat. But he has a one year contract so, if he's done, the Sixers can try a shot at free agency. The problem is there isn't an inside threat that can replace him and complement a team of pull up shooters.
I read Andrew quoted as stating that he had very little cartilage in one of his knees. This was a bit of a surprise to me because his two worst injries were ligaments. The Lakers were prepared to play with Andrew this season if the Dwight deal had not happened. I think if they'd known Andrew's knees might not allow him to play, they would have tried harder for Dwight.

But also, I wouldn't take anything Skip Bayless says about the NBA as gospel.

One thing is for certain though, even if he does play this season, Andrew can kiss a max deal goodbye. I'm still hopeful though. I want to see the kid do well.
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