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Re: How many reset buttons?

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I don't mind that the crew forgave Janeway for stranding them. It was the 'Starfleet' thing to do, and most of the major Maquis crewmembers had backstories that made it seem like they wouldn't have wanted to doom the Ocampa to Kazon slavery either. But, they should have had a story where like 1/5 of the crew sided with Seska.
Why would they side with a Cardassian? They're the ones that tried killing them off and forced them out of their homes to begin with.

My biggest complaint about the direction Voyager went in is that they never had to really confront the negative consequences of sticking with Starfleet morals the way DS9 did. Besides a handful of times where it kept them from short cuts home, it seemed being moral always worked out for them.
That was the metaphor used in "Equinox" about the plaque on the wall falling down. The more Janeways morals slipped, the more the ship became in disarray. That's how Voyager started out, remember Janeways speech about how sticking to their morals and principals would get them thru.?

I think the 3 modern capt. all had a trail.
Picard's was against Q to prove mankind was worthy.

Sisko's was to the Prophets and to live up to being the "chosen" one.
I think Janeway's was to her own morals. I think that's why they made much of her decisions questionable. Look at "Endgame" Adm. Janeway lost her morals but went back to save herself from becoming that broken woman.

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There are differences, but X-Files proved that an ongoing story can work in a TV show.
That was proven long before the X-Files, which TPTB running the show are also aware of. Paramount didn't want Voyager to be a tight ongoing story because they wanted to sell the show into syndication because it brings in more money. It's one of the reasons Paramount spent way more money promoting TNG and Voy over DS9.
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