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Re: TOS Enterprise WIP

Alright, worked on the observation deck and this time adhering to the room widening toward the camera. Since it's shaped like the Romulan bridge it makes it a little tricky to place in the flight deck area. The flight deck as shown below takes liberty with what is towards the bow, beyond the 2nd pair of windows on the observation deck since the camera doesn't show the forward section of the flight deck.

I've placed the "The Conscience of the King" observation deck (room) forward of the other observation deck rooms and in two different configurations to try it on for size.
  1. The port side one would have a bulkhead angle that matches "Let That Be Your Last Battlefield" and it would suggest Kirk taking the tour from bow to stern.
  2. The starboard side rotates it 180ish and would suggest that Kirk's tour is ending after he comes up (or down) from the stern and is heading forward towards the bow. The bulkheads are more parallel with the warp pylons.
This is on a 1,084' ship.

*What I also did was to lowered the height of the flight deck ceiling near the warp pylons since that section is never visible in the camera shots from the episodes. This gives the power couplings a more direct and level route to the nacelles, ala TMP.

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