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Re: How do you deal with Depression?

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I deal with my depression in such a way that I try to block the feelings. I've dealt with chronic depression for 13 years and I learned to put on a happy face so people don't worry about me. In the end, that happy face becomes part of me and I almost forget how much I hurt inside. I try to surround myself with friends and immerse myself in my work to distract myself from depressing feelings. I have to do this every minute of every day because if I don't, I will feel so down that I'll have to be hospitalized; because I become a danger to myself and others.

Try and find a therapist that knows how to do it. It is the only thing demonstrated to work with CD and the only thing that has ever helped me.
I may have to look into that because I've never had much luck with therapists and/or antidepressants. Thanks for that.

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So I emailed that ex of mine I have talked in this thread. Told her about this new girl and gave a little apology. I got a Facebook friend request from her.

I was very surprised to see her boyfriend proposed to her yesterday. They are engaged!

She is the one who I said rushes into relationships. She last year said all the time she things marriage is a joke. I hope she is happy. I got issues, she got her own issues.
Holy crap! Really? I agree with you. Life is weird....super weird.
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