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Re: NFL 2012 - Drive to Glory

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Tagliabue has vacated the suspensions of all four Saints players punished in the initial Bounty rulings. His decision basically came down to the fact that while there was proof of inappropriate behavior (one article I read said he actually found indications of a bounty, another article said that it was just a general pay-for-performance fund), there was no behavior on the field to justify large suspensions or player fines. Vilma still plans to pursue his defamation lawsuit against Goodell.
Basically, the players are having their suspensions vacated only on the fact that individual appeals require such a high level of scrutiny that wasn't able to be met due to the active interference from the coaching staff with regards to the investigation. There was zero exoneration. Tagliabue affirmed basically everything Goodell concluded, but did not have enough to uphold the direct suspensions based upon the coaches muddying the water.

In other words, Tags just showed Goodell just how shitty of a commissioner he is and said, "That's right, bitch, now go make me a sandwich."
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