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Re: How many reset buttons?

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I thought that the episode Learning Curve covered it pretty well (addressing the conflict).
That was one episode, there should have been several episodes that dealt with Maquis Federation conflict. There were only a handful of episodes that touched upon this plot point at all during the entire series.
Ok, then lets just say for the sake of argument there was conflict between both parties and political views were more important than survival. Then what exactly IYO would have been the key moment that would have made them both quit being adversaries?

Actually...from a dramatic point of view, what I would have done was steadily ramp up the tension with the Maquis. Show them gradually feeling more and more frustrated with Janeway, her decision and her rules...then have it reach a breaking point. Have Janeway make a SERIOUSLY controversial decision that ultimately makes everyone's life harder...the Maquis decide that they have had enough and want out of this little arrangement. They confront both Chuckels and Janeway and ask to be let out at the next space port. The Maquis give Chuckles an ultimatum...he can stay and be Janeway's puppet, or he can show some leadership and lead them home. Janeway is FINALLY forced on confront the fact that her actions may have critically damaged their attempt to get home since now Voyager is left with fewer crew members than it needs to function. She tries to make concessions that appease the Maquis, to no avail...they want to go their own way. A season ends with Voyager stopping at a friendly port and letting out a sizeable chunk of the crew and then flying away short handed.

The following season would then feature a dual track story format (smilar tot he behind enemy lines storytelling on DS9)...showing the Maquis and Voyager taking their own separate paths home (starting with the Maquis procuring a ship).

Needless to say that the crews would stay divided for a while...and both sides would have succeses and spectacular failures. But in the Trek tradition, something, perhaps a looming threat, would bring the two crews back together (perhaps in a Pegasus/Galactica kind of way at first and then back on the same ship). This time when the crews merged there would be a real consensus that this is the best option and that it really is a mutual decision based on mutual respect. The new unified status quo would be very different than where the show started. Janeway (and Tuvok) would have to acknowledge the reality that this new situation is very different than what was planned when they left DS9. Voyager is on a trip that might very easily take decades and that it is no longer purely a Starfleet ship. Maybe they keep the ranks but ditch the uniforms...who knows. The point is that this new storyline would feel very different than any Trek we would have seen to that point. Hell, given a choice I would severely damage Voyager during the process of joining the crews and force them to repair it to the point that its almost a new ship. Thus when they got underway again, it really would feel like a new direction.

Needless to say all of that could have been done without ever going as dark as BSG, while still making the series feel unique from anything that we'd seen on TOS and TNG. In effect, you'd be really committed to using Voyager's unique premise to its fullest.
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