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Re: Superman (casting, rumors, pix till release)

I didn't think S:R was that bad either but it did have problems in it. Mostly a slow pace, sort of a boring/nothing story and Lex Luthor having Crazy Real-Estate Scam #1078-Z. Superman and Lois mostly acted like they had just taken a couple Xanax they were so morose and dull. To quote Kevin Smith, "You know how the first Superman movie had the tag-line, "You won't believe a man can fly?" This one should have been, "You won't believe how boring this man is." He moped around that movie like a winy emo punk." (or to that effect.)

I "liked" it but it had many flaws. It hardly made me pump by fist and go "Yeah! Superman!!!" It made go, "Oh.. Neat. Superman lifting a plane." ... "Superman lifting a boat..." "Superman lifting the Daily Planet globe..."

In this movie Superman will hopefully, you know, DO SOMETHING!
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