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Re: Best Planet Of The Apes sequel?

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I'd buy a closed time loop that changes a bit on each pass; that would or could explain many of the timeline contradictions.
But doesn't that contradict the definition of a closed time loop? If it's closed, that means it's a fixed causal loop that just cycles back to its own beginning. What you're describing is more of an open loop, a "helix" with each time travel creating a new parallel path.

Well, it was certainly a messy epic. Aside from the problems with Escape, the thing that bothers me the most is the evolution of the time dilation to a time warp to a two-way time warp (and in the show there was no suspended animation at all). While I consider the first film Grade-A, I look at the whole thing collectively as a B-Movie-- lots of fun, but with damaging plot holes and contradictions and inconsistent production values.
Yeah, the first film is a classic (although it certainly has its own conceptual flaws, like the apes speaking English and the implausibly rapid evolution), while the other four are collectively a lesser accomplishment, although Escape and Conquest have some effective social satire/critique.
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