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Re: Firefly first-time/rewatch (NO SPOILERS, please)

Safe: Okay I remembered this as being all about the big witch deal but this part doesn't start until 32 minutes into the episode! I also remember there being a bunch of preachy crap about ignorance in Safe but this turned out to be only ONE sentence that Simon delivers to the crowd.

I blame 20,000 hours of Star Trek on having such an allergy to the superstition vs rationality theme that a smidgen of it took over this episode in my mind.

So the great parts in this episode..

We learn a whole lot more about the Tam family history. When watching Simon and River's father have conniptions over a mark on his profile because he had to get Simon out of Alliance lockup I felt very satisfied that his reputation is now royally screwed with his two children on Alliance's most wanted list. Karma baby

I noticed this wall decoration which I'm thinking wasn't in previous episodes? It is in the living room zone. It appears to be paper flowers and photos and ribbons.. I'm thinking it looks like Kaylee made it. We can see she has painted flowers and vines on bits of the ship and painted her sleeping quarters.

I loved this scene in the store, really shows the difference in background between Inara, Simon and Kaylee.

I love all the bric a brac and useful bits and tools and buttons.

And finally I cracked up at this scene. Simon is back and Jayne frantically dumps all the stuff he stole off him onto Simon's bed though it was all packed neatly when he first acquired it.

And more Shephard Book mystery!

I no longer dislike this episode. The witch bit was eye rolling, though it wasn't like it didn't make sense. And more importantly it wasn't what the episode was about. It just wasn't a very distinct story, more a series of vignettes (the cows) and more character development which is a good thing.

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