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Re: STMP Uniforms as emergency pressure suit?

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Well, technically the TMP uniforms have stirrup pants over boots, so they're not airtight. Although theoretically they could've been designed to seal there and at the waist, I guess.

Pretty much all the uniform designs from TMP onward have used stirrup pants to keep the lines smooth, but have tailored the cuffs to look less like stirrup pants.

I found a wiki link that states TMP shoes were built into the pant leg.

Excerpt below from
Costumes and makeup

Each costume had the shoes built into the pant leg to further the futuristic look. An Italian shoemaker decorated by the Italian government for making Gucci shoes was tasked with creating the futuristic footwear. Combining the shoes and trousers was difficult, time-consuming, and expensive, as each shoe had to be sewn by hand after being fitted to each principal actor. There were difficulties in communication, as the shoemaker spoke limited English and occasionally confused shoe orders due to similar-sounding names. Jumpsuits, serving a more utilitarian function, were the only costumes to have pockets, and were made with a heavyweight spandex that required a special needle to puncture the thick material. A variety of field jackets, leisure wear, and spacesuits were also created; as these parts had to be designed and completed before most of the actors' parts had been cast, many roles were filled by considering how well the actors would fit into existing costumes.[61]
Reference Note 61 shows its source is from pages 127-128 from:
Sackett, Susan; Roddenberry, Gene (1980). The Making of Star Trek: The Motion Picture. New York: Pocket Books. ISBN 0-671-25181-3.

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