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Re: Someone to Watch Over Me

Someone to Watch Over Me... It seems like they should hook up.

11:59... Kathy has a crisis of faith because her gammy told pork pies about her gammy being in the space program. Seven reminds Janeway that believing in a lie is just as reatively authentic as believing in the truth if that lie inspires you to live an exceptional life, ie the ends justify the means.

Relativity... Seven is murdered and accidentally dies half a dozen times, who is then replaced sequentially by several temporal dopplegangers, who post mission, corpses included are alll intergrated back into a new single entity.

Warhead. Seven learns that machines are stupid becuase they can't break their programming even if it means their own death.

Equinox... The Doctor cuts open Sevens skull and probably between scenes licked her brain.


Post Equinox, Seven would not want to be in the same room as the Doctor.
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