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Re: Nanotechnology... $2 trillion business by 2014

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This is a hype page for a company called "Nano Labs Corps". Fifteen minutes worth of research reveals that this company is actually the former Colorado Ceramic Tile Inc, a relatively unsuccessful small business that installed, among other things, high-end ceramic bathroom tiles. The company went out of business in March and reorganized itself into "Nano Lab Corps" with about $20 thousand in asset and at the time about $240 thousand in liabilities. According to their most recent SEC filings, the company presently has no assets to speak of and is about $180 thousand in debt.

Calorado Ceramic Tile Inc. had six employees. Nanolab Corps has two: Bernardo Camacho Chavarria and a Mexican chemist named Victor Manuel Castaņo. It's unclear whether or not either of them are actually equipped to make any sort of revolutionary gains in the field of nanotechnology (Castaņo certainly has the background for it), but considering the hype page and the character of their press releases, it seems evident that they've given up trying to get attention from regular investors and are now trolling the sci-tech mailing lists trying to get money from highly excitable types like yourself.

Calm down, RAMA.

That is all.

It's an investment page for a very real growing industry, and yes of course it's hyping the industry, all the major players, the large companies they point out, and technoindustrialists would all be banking on the nanotechnology industry's growth. However, this isnt the first page I've linked to describing the revenues of the industry, or the expansion of it.
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